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After Sales

During and after the purchase of your home, our after-sales department is always at your disposal, offering the following services:

Home decoration

As soon as the date of signing the deed is known, our after-sales department will contact you regarding the interior of your home. We assist you in purchasing furniture, furnishing your kitchen, furnishing your garden, etc.


We assist you in taking out the necessary insurance, for your home, vehicle, pets, medical assistance, etc.


If you want to become a resident in Spain, we will assist you in applying for your residencia.


We assist you in completing your tax return and any other accounting tasks

Establishing of businesses

We will guide you through the following steps for setting up a company


If you bought a resale home and want to carry out renovation work, we will put you in touch with reliable professionals and we will arrange for the correct permits to be applied for.

Import and registration of vehicles

If you want to import your car or motorcycle in Spain, we will guide you through the import procedure, or if you want to buy a car in Spain, we will ensure that it is registered in your name.

Representation in Community of Owners

If you are unable to attend the owners’ association meetings yourself, we can represent you here

Contracts, permits and certificates

If you are confronted with the Spanish paper shop, we would like to show you the different procedures.

Holiday rental permits

The procedure for applying for a holiday permit is not the same everywhere and has changed significantly since the new 2019 legislation. We help you through the application.